How to remove ringtones from iPhone downloaded via GarageBand or iTunes: 100% working ways

With the release of iTunes 12.7 Apple has removed the Ringtones section from the program, allowing to load, edit and delete iPhone ringtones.

This measure has not stopped users, who found a way to download ringtones even in updated iTunes, however, had difficulty removing them. In this article we will tell, how to delete any ringtone loaded on iPhone.

This article will not discuss Apple’s recommended methods, allow you to remove ringtones, such as:

  • installation of a special version of iTunes with the Ringtones section;
  • full reset of settings and content (all data from the device will be deleted);
  • restore iPhone to iTunes.

There are two ways to remove ringtones from iPhone, however, which one should be used depends on, what method was this ringtone loaded into the device. Recall, what are these ways:

How to download a ringtone (melody) in iphone?

  1. Using iTunes, or its third-party counterparts, such as iTools, iFunBox and tons.d. (need a computer) .
  2. Using iOS GarageBand application (without computer).

How to remove ringtone from iphone, downloaded via GarageBand

  1. Open the GarageBand app.
  2. Go to the Recent section. Press and hold on any of the created projects (if there are none, then create).
  3. In the context menu that appears, click on the arrow.
  4. And then on Share.
  5. Select the Ringtone section.
  6. Go to your ringtones menu.
  7. Click Edit.
  8. Click icon «-» or swipe from right to left.
  9. Click Remove.
  10. The ringtone will be removed from the application and on the way Settings → Sounds, tactile signals → Ringtone.

How to remove ringtone from iPhone, downloaded via iTunes or third-party alternatives (iTools, iFunBox)

These programs will help to easily remove the downloaded ringtone from iPhone, if a:

  • It is downloaded independently via iTunes or analogues, eg, in this manner.
  • It is deleted in iTunes, but still present in device memory;
  • The melody is displayed inactive (gray color) in iTunes;
  • In cases, when iTunes can’t find the ringtone, however it is set as ringtone.

How to remove ringtone using iFunBox

1. Install iFunBox on a Mac or Windows PC;

If you get a message when installing iFunBox on a Mac «The program can not be opened, as its author is an unidentified developer» — use this article.

2. Use the cable to connect your iPhone to your computer, then run the program;

3. Select the Raw File System section in the menu on the right;

4. By iTunes_Control → Ringtones find unwanted ringtone in m4r format;

5. Remove melody, clicking on it with the right mouse button and selecting Delete;

6. After that, go to iPhone «Settings» → «Sounds, tactile signals» → «Ringtone». If everything was done right, you will see only standard ringtones.

If you are using iTools — do the same.