How to remove Promotions, Tips, Wallet, News and other applications on the iPhone and iPad

Starting from iOS 9.3 iPhone and iPad users got a legal option to hide (deletion) standard application icons from home screen. In this article we will explain how it works.

iOS has always boasted a minimal set of apps, reaching «from the box», but from version to version the number of programs began to grow, and in the category used in everyday life units. The rest are still dead weight, at best in some daddy, and at worst — on the farthest screen of springboard. Personally, I have them stored in a folder «Apple».

Earlier in order, to hide the icons of unused and unrecoverable regular applications, it was necessary either to resort to this method, jailbreak services, either use folder tricks, which did not work in all versions of iOS, and after the reboot, the effect stopped and «to conjure» had to again.

In iOS 9.3, at the request of users, Apple released the official branded tool Apple Configurator, with which you can hide application icons.

But I would immediately like to talk about the main shortcomings:

  1. Removal of standard applications is possible only on iOS devices with the obtained rights of the supervisor (instruction).
  2. Apple Configurator works only on OS X-based computers since version 10.11.4 and newer.
  3. The procedure involves hiding icons, not deleting programs, so that the space on the iPhone or iPad will not be free. Yes, and hardly «Promotions» or «Tips» take up a lot of space.

How to remove application icons on the iPhone and iPad

1. Download and install Apple Configurator for Mac OS X.

2. Run the program.

3. Create a new profile, for which open the File menu → New Profile (or use the keyboard shortcut Command (⌘) + N).

4. In the left side menu, select the section “Generals”, and in the field “Name” specify profile name, eg «Hide icons».

5. In section “Restrictions” press the button “Configure”.

6. Click the tab “Apps”.

7. In field “Restrict App Usage” select item “Do not allow some apps”.

8. In the box below, click the plus sign.

9. In the search bar, enter the ID, corresponding to the application, you want to hide, and click “Choose”.

Standard Application ID List: – – – – post – – – – – – Wallet – – – iTunes Store – – – – – Game Center – Watch – My – iBooks – Find – – A – – – FaceTime – – NewsAdd all applications to the list in the same way, who want to hide.

10. Click on the cross, to finish working with a profile, and then save it to a convenient place (default to documents).

11. Connect iphone, iPod touch or iPad to computer, choose your device, click on the button “Add” and select item “Profiles”.

12. Select a saved profile and click the button “Add”. Profile sync will begin.

If the following message appears, means you need to unlock the device.

Everything, icons will be deleted from the desktop and will not appear even after reboot. If you want to return the icons of any applications, then edit the profile, removing the necessary programs from the list, and then re-fill the profile on the device.