How to remove mimoji stickers from iOS keyboard on iPhone and iPad

Starting with iOS 13 (iPadOS 13) Mimoji stickers appeared on the virtual keyboard. Now, when you open the emoji keyboard on iPhone or iPad in its left part you can see a separate section with stickers.

Such a step seems reasonable, here are just stickers while replacing the panel, recently displayed the last emoticons you used.

If you do not like the current state of affairs – don’t worry. Nothing prevents you from quickly removing the mimoji sticker panel from the keyboard.

Apple launched mimoji – custom animated pictures, enabling users to create animated versions of their emoticons, back in iOS 12. Automatically generated memo sticker packs, who work in messages, mail and other applications, present in iOS 13.

Starting with iOS 13.3 Apple provided users with the ability to quite simply turn off memo stickers on the keyboard. This opportunity, undoubtedly, people will like it, who don’t like such stickers.

How to disable mimoji stickers on your iPhone or iPad keyboard

To remove mimoji stickers from an emoji keyboard in iOS, go to Settings → The main → Keyboard and scroll down to the bottom. Set the Memoji Stickers switch to Off.

Now, when you open the emoji keyboard in any application, you will not see mimoji stickers on it. As in the good old days, on the left there will be a panel of the last used emoticons.

Can’t say, that mimoji stickers turned out to be bad and useless to anyone. If you like to share your super-personal avatar, similar to other mimoji pictures, then keep doing it. You can even emphasize your individualism, adding an AirPods image to your mimoji.