How to remove iOS update downloaded (downloadable) on iPhone or iPad, freeing up space

One of the advantages of iOS is the constant release of updates, applicable to most devices.

The gadget itself checks for a new firmware version and then downloads it «by air». This allows the device to upgrade without the hassle of connecting to a computer, work with iTunes.

But sometimes this process does not start on time. Unfortunately, Apple has not provided a button to cancel the firmware download. This problem has a solution.

Most often, the Internet is advised to simply turn off the Internet, thus interrupting the download of the update. That’s just reconnecting to the web will resume the process. A reliable solution would be to remove the update altogether.

If for any reason you do not want to install the next iOS update on your iPhone or iPad (eg, iOS 12 on iPhone 5s or iOS Beta)  and «red circle with one» your eyes no longer hurt you, be sure to check, perhaps the update itself has already been downloaded to the device and takes up a lot of space. How to remove it?

How to remove downloaded iOS update on iPhone or iPad

On iPhone and iPad with iOS 10 and later installed

  1. Open the Settings app and follow the Highlights path → IPhone storage → Storage.
  2. Scroll down a bit and select the downloaded iOS update.
  3. Click «Uninstall update».
  4. Confirm removal.

On iPhone and iPad with iOS 8 installed

  1. Go to Settings → Main → Statistics → Storage → Storage.
  2. Select the downloaded iOS update. For the reason that, that the file size is usually more than 1 GB, he, Most likely, located at the top of the list.
  3. Click «Uninstall update» and again «Uninstall update», to confirm the requested action.

Just a few simple steps, and downloaded iOS update, which takes more than 1 GB will be removed from your mobile device.

If necessary, you can restart the firmware upgrade process. To do this in the menu «Settings» → «Main» → «Software Update» push a button «Download and install».