How to remove duplicate files (photos, etc.) and free up space on Mac: the best free apps

Many users have probably encountered the problem of a large number of duplicate files. Copies take up a lot of space on a Mac SSD, slow down the installation of updates and confuse when searching for a specific file.

In most cases, duplicates occur by chance, and many computer owners are not even aware of their availability. Fortunately, there are tools, to quickly find and delete unwanted copies of files on a Mac.

To get started, consider the best duplicate finder apps on Mac.

Gemini 2

Gemini 2 (overview) – one of the best file copy search tools for Mac. The application performs a deep scan of the SSD-drive, not only for duplicates, but similar files. For example, it can mark two similar images as duplicates even if, if files are saved under different names. Gemini 2 has a simple interface, which is very easy to use:

  1. Download Gemini 2 on Mac (paid application, but there is a trial version).
  2. Press the big button «A plus» («+»), to select a folder. Or drag the folder to the application window.
  3. If you need to find copies of images, click «Images», music tracks – «Music». To search for duplicates in specific folders, click «Specify your folder».
  4. Click «To start searching». Scanning may take some time, depending on the size of the folder.

When scanning is complete, select the option «View Results» to view duplicates and related files. Next click «Smart cleaning» and the utility will move duplicates to the trash. In case of accidental deletion of the necessary files, they can be easily restored.


If you are looking for a free Gemini 2 alternative, pay attention to the DupeGuru tool. The application allows you to find duplicate files, images and music tracks. The utility algorithm is able to find copies, even if they have different names.

Note: macOS Sierra users (and newer) may encounter a warning, that DupeGuru cannot be opened on a computer, since this application is from an uninstalled developer.

To work around this problem, open «System settings» → «Protection and safety» → tab «The main» → «Confirm Login».

After installing the program, follow the instructions:

  1. Launch DupeGuru.
  2. Choose file types, to be scanned – files, music or pictures.
  3. Press the big button «A plus» («+»), to select a folder.
  4. Click «Scanning».

After scanning is complete, delete the copies or move them to another location. Compared to Gemini 2, scanning takes longer, but the end result is about the same.

How to find and delete copies of images on Mac

If your computer has accumulated a huge number of photos, removing them manually can take a long time. The free Photos Duplicate Cleaner for Mac application will help simplify the task.

  1. Download and open Photos Duplicate Cleaner.
  2. Click «Add Photos» or «Add Folders», to select images from a folder. Or click «Add Photos Library» to select from the application library directly «Photo».
  3. Click «Scan for Duplicates».
  4. When the scan is complete, view the results.
  5. Click «Auto Mark». Duplicates will be marked for deletion.
  6. Finally, click «Trash Marked», to delete copies.

The Photos Duplicate Cleaner interface is hardly convenient, but the utility does its job well.

Find and Remove Duplicate Contacts on Mac

Keep order in contact list – difficult task, especially if you meet new people every day. Duplicates in the list only complicate the situation, however, you can get rid of the problem:

  1. Open app «Contacts».
  2. In the menu, select «Card» → «Find duplicates».
  3. Upon completion of the scan, contact information with the same name, but different contact information will be combined. The system will also suggest deleting identical contacts.

Find and Remove Duplicate Music Tracks in iTunes (Music application)

Have you ever encountered, that when listening to music the same tracks sound several times? If yes, mean, in your iTunes library (Music app on Mac) there are duplicate songs. Fortunately, iTunes has a feature for finding and removing duplicates. Here, how does she work:

  1. Open iTunes on Mac (starting with macOS Catalina iTunes app replaced with Music).
  2. Switch to tab «Media Library».
  3. In the menu bar, open «File» → «Media Library» → «Show duplicates».

The app displays estimated duplicates based on the title and artist of the song. If you want to find duplicates with the same name, musicians and albums, press and hold the button ⌥Option (Alt) on the keyboard and repeat the above process.

For easier search of copies, you can sort the list by artist name or song name, either use other information, such as track duration and genre.

After, how did you view the files, press the Command key (⌘) and manually select items, to be removed. Next, right-click on the option «Delete», and then – «Done».

Manual file copy search

Search for duplicates can be carried out manually using Finder or using special commands in Terminal. However, these methods are not very convenient and, rather, suitable for tech savvy enthusiasts, than ordinary Mac users. Besides, why complicate your work, if there are many free alternatives?