How to quickly rotate, crop, change the color, size, and aspect ratio of an image on a Mac

Utility «View» on Mac is not just an ordinary image viewer, rather powerful and effective tool for quick editing of images or PDF documents. Earlier, we already talked about the hot keys of the View application, as well as using the Loupe tool and creating an image with a transparent background. But this list of features of the program is far from limited.

Besides, in «Watching» there are functions to adjust the color and size of the image, and, trimming, rotate and change image format. To help you get the most out of your Mac app, we will tell, how to use these his tools.

How to rotate a picture (Photo) on Mac in app «View»

1. Open image, which you want to rotate and select the Tools item in the menu bar.

2. According to needs, choose an option:

  • Click Rotate Right or use the keyboard shortcut ⌘Cmd + R
  • Click Rotate Left, or use the keyboard shortcut ⌘Cmd + L
  • Click Rotate Horizontally
  • Click Rotate Vertically

How to crop an image in «Watching» on mac

  1. Open the image in the Preview application.
  2. Use the mouse or trackpad to select that part of the photo, which must be left.
  3. In order to cut everything else, press key combination ⌘Cmd + K or press the pencil button to activate the layout toolbar.
  4. Click Crop, after which only that will remain on the image, what was needed.

How to change (adjust) image color in «Watching» on mac

Adjust color to tool «Watching» allows you to adjust the exposure, contrast, shadows and more.

Open in «Watching» on Mac the image you need and click Tools → Customize color in menu bar.

The color adjustment tool opens in a separate window, and you will see a whole set of available options. So it’s quite easy to make small changes to your photos or other images without the need for expensive professional editors.

Just move the sliders of each parameter, from exposure to sharpness, until you get this kind of image, what do you need. And the three arrows in the upper part of the window will help you adjust the color balance. When making changes to each color setting, you will immediately see the changes in your picture. And if you want to return the image to its original state, then just click «Reset all» at the bottom of the color toolbox.

Finally, if you just want to let the computer choose the best settings for your image, then click «Automatic levels» at the top of the window.

How to resize photos in «Watching» on mac

To resize images, you can use the easy-to-use tool in «Watching».

Open image in «Watching» and click Tools → Customize size in menu bar.

If you want to quickly change the image, by setting its predefined pixel sizes, then click on the drop-down list «Fit in». There you will need to select one of the parameters, from 320 to 320 to 1920 to 1920. In the same window, you can adjust the width and height of the picture you need. Enter values ​​and select the option on the right for pixels, percent, inches or other unit.

To provide proportional image scaling, check the corresponding box or click on the lock icon next to the fields «Width» and «Height». If you reduce your image and want to be sure of the maximum preservation of details, then check the box «Change image» before, how to edit its width and height. You can also change the resolution of the image. Enter a value in the corresponding field and select the unit of measurement from the drop-down list: pixels per inch or pixels per centimeter. When you are done with adjusting the image size, just click OK to apply the changes.

How to change image format in «Watching» on mac

1. Open one or more photos in the application «View». If you need to convert multiple images at once, click on any picture in the window on the left and use the key combination ⌘Cmd + A, to select them all. Alternative way: in the menu bar, click Edit → Choose all.

2. In the menu bar, click File → Export selected images. If you work with one image, the path will be like this: File → Export.

3. In the window that appears, click the Options button and select the required format in the drop-down menu.

In order to open a full list of formats, click on the Format pop-up menu while holding the button ⌥Option (Alt) on keyboard.

4. Click the Select button to start converting images to the selected format. When working with a single image, click save.


Even such a simple utility, as «View» There are some pretty useful features for quick image editing. You can easily add a contrast picture, to turn, crop or resize it without using professional tools. Do you use these features of the program «View»?