How to quickly launch Universal Access settings on Mac OS X

OS X, Yes, and all the equipment Apple as a whole, famous for its functions for people with disabilities. In addition to the standard monitor settings (or monitors, if you have several), Mac may suggest setting advanced display options.

For, to quickly open advanced display options on the keyboard, press the key combination Command (⌘) → Option (⌥) + F5. You will have access to a special menu, through which you can enable / disable various options.

You will have the following settings:

  1. Scaling (allows you to zoom in on the whole screen or area of ​​the screen. The inclusion of the zoom can be done through hotkeys, so through scrolling gestures);
  2. VoiceOver (This utility reads active screen contents out loud, allowing to present even to a completely unseeing person content, on display. Separately turned on and off using the keyboard shortcut Command (⌘) + F5);
  3. Mouse and keyboard (having an external full-size keyboard, it is possible to control the location of the cursor through a digital block (mouse buttons), activation is also available «slow keys» and function «key sticking»);
  4. Monitor (option to invert the color gamut of the display with a contrast adjustment slider);
  5. Keyboard shortcut (will open the keyboard settings, here you can assign your own shortcut keys to a huge number of actions);
  6. Settings (detailed settings for VoiceOver).

The accompanying VoiceOver text style is also customizable. To do this, go to the System Settings → Universal access and in the left side menu select «Casing. text». Here you can choose one of the suggested subtitle styles or create your own with indication of the background color and transparency, as well as colors, text size and font.