How to put your ringtone on the iPhone

At first glance it may seem, that there is nothing difficult, to set your own necessary ringtone to the iPhone, however, in reality, this can be done only by using the connection to a personal computer and iTunes.

Due to the fact, that downloading your ringtone through iTunes is chargeable, most users continue to use standard ringtones in their smartphones, although in reality, setting your own tune is easy. Today I want to talk about, how to set your ringtone on the iPhone without having to buy.

Instructions for setting your own ringtone on the iPhone

To start, you need to connect your smartphone to a personal computer, then launch iTunes. In the top menu of the program, go to the item «File» and select the sub-item to add the file to the library, then choose that melody, which later and will be set as a ringtone.

In the next step, you must select the melody uploaded by us and remember the 38-second time interval – start time and end time, since melody, Installed on the call of the smartphone from Apple, cannot be longer than 38 seconds.

The next step in the process of installing your melody on the call of the smartphone from Apple, is to, that you need to right-click on the melody we have chosen, select item «Information», go to the tab menu that appears «Options», and in points «Start» and «Stop time» specify the time interval of our future ringtone and close the dialog box by clicking «OK». It is necessary to emphasize the fact, that the melody itself will not be cut off, and setting the appropriate parameters is necessary only for the call itself.

Next stage, hitting the iTunes window, you need to right-click again on the selected melody and select the item to create a version in the format .aac, resulting in, the cut fragment of the future melody will appear in the program.

Afterwards, in view of, that the mobile device for the ringtone understands only the format .m4r, we will need to rename the cut down melody file created by us according to the requirements of the mobile device. For this, you need to click once on the previously processed melody with the right mouse button and select the item that appears «Show in Windows Explorer».

As seen, The format of the future melody is represented by the extension .m4a, as a result, we rename the format, removing the old extension .m4a, and assigning a new one .m4r.

Finally, At the final stage you will need to remove the trimmed ringtone from iTunes, then add to the program renamed us in format .m4r music file.

After that, how this process is done, I need to sync my computer with iPhone, and the melody can be put on the call of your mobile device, why you need to select the item on the smartphone «Settings», then go to menu «Sounds» and click on item «Ringtone».

Thanks to a rather simple action, you can independently supply your iphone with various melodies, with the principle and sequence of actions, how to set your ringtone does not change, be it one tune, or several.