How to open the Updates section in the Mac App Store using a URL link

Sometimes explain to many friends and relatives, how to download the latest software from the section «Updates» in the Mac App Store, it is quite tiring.

But why bother with step by step instructions, if you can just send a link to the appropriate page for everyone?

This way, you can help another user quickly and easily access the required section in the Mac App Store.

Macappstore reference://showUpdatesPage , open on Mac leads directly to the partition «Updates» in the Mac App Store. It can be included in the browser bookmarks, tweets, instant messages, emails and tons.d. If the recipient of the message has the Mac App Store, following the link will bring it to the required section.

The appearance of this URL is rather curious. He was offered by one of the developers of the company Panic Software, who wanted to provide users with a quick app update method with a single click.

«And here I will tell you something amazing. I sent Apple an error message and asked to implement similar functionality. I even suggested the URL format, and Apple added it to the new versions of the App Store. The system worked!», — noted in the Panic Software blog.

Not bad, is not it? This functionality works on all modern versions of Mac OS X. Currently there are a number of other URL structures, designed to run applications or perform various actions, including sending applications, opening specific programs, etc.