How to open, save ZIP-archives on iPhone and iPad without installing additional applications

Even though, that neither safari, Google Chrome can’t open archives on iPhone and iPad, don’t get upset.

The thing is, that starting with iOS 9, Apple’s mobile operating system has gained sufficient capacity for storing and working with ZIP archives

How to save ZIP files of archives on iPhone and iPad

To store archives you can use, eg, Standard File Manager Files (for its full operation, you must also activate the iCloud Drive service along the path Settings → iCloud):

You can also use iOS Notes for this purpose.

Immediately worth noting, that the above-mentioned regular applications allow you to store and unpack not only plain text and graphic documents, but also music and video packed in a zip archive.

Save a ZIP archive file to an iOS device is simple enough. When, if the archive file is received by e-mail, tap a file to download it, and then press and hold the icon until the Share menu appears.

If you were sent a link to the archive, eg, in social networks – You must also find the Share button (its location may vary in different applications).

so, after the menu Share, select save location – Files application or Notes application (naturally, there may be other applications and services).

How to open (unpack) ZIP archive on iPhone and iPad

  1. Click on the ZIP archive icon.
  2. Regardless of the application, in which the archive is stored (Files or Notes) A button link View content will appear. Click on it, after which the archive will be unpacked.
  3. When, if there were several files in the ZIP archive, then switching between them is done using swipe left and right.
  4. Using the Share button, located in the lower left, You can share any file from the archive using e-mail or instant messengers.
  5. List button, right, opens a list of files in the archive with the size.