How to make the old iPhone stop braking and get a second wind

You – owner of a pretty tattered smartphone, in the truest sense of the expression.

Funds for the purchase of a new device procured, but if you change the device, then immediately to the next iPhone model, the release of which will take place only in six months. We offer you a selection of «life hacking», which will allow «old man» get a second wind. To a large extent, this material is aimed at assisting the owners of iPhone 4s and iPhone 5 with iOS 9 installed.

You are not alone in your misfortune – according to google search engine statistics, anxiety about «my iPhone began to slow down» consistently observed for the 8th year in a row. The closer the next presentation of new products, the more complaints caused by old gadgets. However, often the subjective opinion of users is supported by facts, but for any technical problem, a solution will certainly be found. Or several.

Disable background software update

Routine, unobtrusive activity of a number of programs in practice «eats up» unlimited amount of system resources – processor loads, battery power is wasted. We can move the desired switch along the way Settings —> Main —> Content update, banning background updates in iOS in general, or selectively adjust permissions for individual applications.

Motion reduction and contrast calibration

Go to Settings –-> Main –-> Universal access. We are interested in the lines Increase Contrast and Reduce Motion – far from the most important effects, which should be simply disabled to save system resources.

Turn off iOS animation completely

Officially, the full shutdown of the animation in iOS is not provided, however, this was made possible by one stunt. Some simple actions, described in this material, will help to significantly increase the speed of launching applications. See for yourself:

Turn off Siri

Apple officially recommends sending an electronic assistant to «forced vacation», if there is a threat of excessively fast discharge of iPhone batteries. Siri will not be offended, if you slide the switch along the way Settings —> Main —> Siri.

Crack Screen Protector

The front panel of old devices is often «decorated» chipped and cracked (naturally, if they are insignificant). But this is not a reason to shell out for expensive repairs – if the touch screen is ok, You can do with the usual film-protector. This will return the visual smoothness of the display and improve the tactile sensations when working with a smartphone. Plus tangible savings.

Alternate protective bumper function

In addition to their direct task, they help protect the already affected area from new damage. This will stop the spread of the crack, will not allow to loose and fall off a fragment of the body, minimizes the risk of microtrauma when it comes into contact with roughness – your fingers will be more whole. Measure, of course, temporary, but quite effective. Cheap and angry.

Home button does not work? Replace it with a virtual counterpart

If you are starting to notice flaws in the operation of the iPhone buttons – bad reaction to pressing, backlash, other – better be safe in advance, creating their virtual counterparts. The AssistiveTouch feature allows you to customize custom gestures, duplicating the main iPhone commands. This does not save you from the need to visit the service center, but it gives an opportunity at least to maintain control over the smartphone with broken buttons.

Use power saving mode

New iPhone Battery, according to the manufacturer, maintains 300-400 recharge cycles, before signs of wear begin to appear. This process is irreversible and all, what can a user – adjust to the changed characteristics of the module. Simply put, learn to do less, than before the amount of energy, for which the corresponding operation mode of the smartphone, which appeared in the latest iOS versions, is quite useful, which can be activated on the way Settings —> Battery.

Delete unused applications

The order is tired of the constant shortage of free space in the memory and has already made a firm decision not to save, and immediately buy a smartphone with 64 GB, but better than 128 GB instead of symbolic 16? Reasonably, but before it makes sense to arrange a general cleaning and walk through the back streets of the drive, where dozens of one-day programs can gather dust, established spontaneously and long forgotten. A hundred or two megabytes of free is not superfluous.

Replace battery

If the above steps do not help to extend battery life and the battery is rapidly discharged in minutes, or the device is completely turned off, eg, at 40% charge — battery replacement required. The cost of installing a new battery for iPhone 4s and iPhone 5 is on average from $20 to $40.

Transfer photos and videos to cloud services

We hit two targets with one shot – freeing up valuable space and forming a good habit. It makes no sense to restrain creative impulses, take lots of pictures and fun, but make it a rule after, at leisure, view footage. And without regret to beat out that, which is not close to the level of a masterpiece.

If, however, part with the pictures infinitely hard, you can start using the Google Photos service, which allows you to automatically upload photos and videos from your iPhone or iPad to the free cloud storage, while removing them from device memory.

Reset to factory settings

Radical method for those, who is too lazy to tamper with the point manipulations in the settings. Or a magic wand on the case, if everything has already been tried, what can, and the old iPhone is still «sick» and works through power. When reset, all user settings will be deactivated, including those changes, which were made a long time ago and were safely forgotten. Not out, that the reason for the slow work of the smartphone lies precisely in this.

IPhone Hygiene

The old, a worn out smartphone makes and untidy appearance. Plus bacteria stick free in sticky patina, and the dominance of lumps of dirt in the technological holes detrimental to the functionality of the device.

However, it is worth remembering:

  1. Immersion in water, Full or partial, categorically contraindicated. Confine ourselves to wet wiping;
  2. Avoid contacting the iPhone with abrasive materials – hard washcloth, sandpaper, wire brush;
  3. Active household chemicals, aerosols and detergents, designed for furniture, but not smartphones;
  4. Compressed air, pressurized for cleaning narrow holes – too bad;
  5. There is nothing better than soft for iPhone care, wet, clean cloth.