How to make the iPhone or iPad not to turn off the power saving mode with a full battery (jailbreak)

Every new version of iOS mobile platform, developers are trying to optimize in this way, to extend the battery life of devices under its control. Appropriate innovations received and iOS 9, thanks to which we managed to add one more hour to the standard iPhone and iPad working hours.

To conserve battery power saving mode can be used. When activated, the processor load is reduced, check mail less frequently, turning off the animation, canceled background application update and tons.d. This mode allows you to extend the operating time of gadgets by an average of three hours.

When reducing the charge level to 20%, the system will offer to enable the power saving option. However after that, how will the user leave the device on recharging, the gadget will automatically return to normal operation, turning off the power saving mode when accumulating 80% charge.

I.e, if the user decides to use this feature when the device is fully charged, he will have to turn it on manually.

In order to save users from unnecessary fuss, a jailbreak solution LowPowerMode was developed, which allows the iPhone and iPad to work constantly in energy saving mode.

It is necessary to remember, that while the battery saver function is activated, Some functions of gadgets will work much slower than usual (it is described in detail here). In particular, This concerns Siri, content updates, auto download, work email and network connection.