How to make a brazier, aquariums, bench, lamp, mailbox, motorcycle trunks, etc. from old Macs. (a photo)

In Apple, after all, make digital technology to the conscience and throw away obsolete, but still not a workable device, not everyone has a hand.

Understanding users is easy, but what to do, when all friends already turn up their nose for such gifts, and free space on the mezzanine, and in the garage too, ended long ago?

Aluminum is not cast iron, but if the temperature is kept to the proper conditions, the perforated case of the old Mac Pro will be able to function perfectly as a brazier.

At one of the Motorcycle Show in Portland, the attention of tuning masters drew a bike with a Mac Pro as a basic element of trim. Preferred to keep incognito talented fan approached the matter wisely, neatly cutting out part of the computer case in the form of a fairing for the fuel tank. Besides, Power button, USB connector and stereo output also function and are used to connect to the iPhone – smartphone using its sensors serves as a speedometer.

American guy Rick, worked as a Mac consultant in New Jersey, made of old system blocks PowerMac G4 excellent cases (trunk) for your motorcycle.

Jake Harris is grateful to the late Steve Jobs for, that the idea was once visited to create conceptual corps for computers. Models a decade old and older have already become history in their mass, but from their rounded transparent hulls very bad looking aquariums are obtained.

On the popular site of craftsmen Etsy sold version of the aquarium, based on Power Mac Cube:

Alan Young, using the Apple TV console, designed a pendulum clock – a mix of vintage and hi-tech styles.

And still parts of Poppies from an opaque material well enough on a role of design lamp shades for table lamps, like that, that equipped my desk by rendall littleton.

Designer Klaus Geiger from Germany has created stylish furniture from four cases of Mac G5 system units. The result was an original bench and a small chest of drawers with drawers.

But the crown of creative thought and the engine of progress, i.e, real and immense laziness, is the work of a nameless homeowner from the american heartland. is he «repaired» mailbox, setting in its place an old and completely gutted Macintosh, without even bothering to connect light bulbs or something like that.