How to listen to songs in Shazam and add Apple Music to playlists

Famous music recognition service Shazam has released a significant update for the iPhone and iPad.

Version 9.4.1 allows you to comfortably add new songs straight to the Apple Music Library.

In the past, Shazam redirected the user to the recognized song page in Music. Now it’s possible to immediately add the found track to any of its playlists. Another innovation — all ever found shazam’You are automatically sent to a special playlist called My Shazam Tracks. It can be accessed from the Apple Music app or through iTunes.

Finally, Apple allowed Shazam users to listen to songs to the end in the app itself «sesame», without going to Music.

Shazam update — the first real confirmation of the rumors about, that Apple plans to expand interoperability with third-party applications and music. Great — it turned out really comfortable!

Full version of Shazam app number 9.4.1:
«Shazam Welcomes New Apple Music! Upgrade to iOS 9.3, connect in Shazam settings and enjoy:

  • Add Shazam tracks to any Apple Music playlist.
  • Search for all your Shazams on the list «My Shazam tracks» in Apple Music.
  • Listen to any song entirely, without leaving shazam!

Want to try Apple Music? Shazam any track and click the Apple Music button, to get a free trial subscription for three months.

We fixed the problem with the offline mode and the crash of the application, faced by some users.

Do not forget to save your Shazam and synchronize them with other devices. Log in, and we will keep your shazam’in your account, so that they never disappear again».