How to jointly edit Notes on iPhone and iPad with other users

Starting with iOS 10 app «Notes» got the opportunity to share notes with other iPhone users, iPad and Mac through iCloud service.

This feature allows you to view and edit records together (including drawings, Images, lists of documents, etc.).

To work with the functionality, you will need to have an Apple ID account, iPhone or iPad running iOS 10.0 and later or Mac OS 10.12 and above.

1. Open application «Notes» in iOS and go to «All iCloud» (not in section «Notes»).

2. Create a new note or select from existing ones, which you want to share.

3. At the top of the note, click on the icon in the form of a person with a plus.

5. Select the service with which you want to send a note: «Messages» (iMessage), E-mail, Twitter, «Copy link» and «Still», if you are not satisfied with any of the proposed options.

6. Send the appropriate invitation to users, which you want to attract to edit the record.

For example, if the sender chose the application as the delivery method «Messages», Upon receipt of an invitation, a note icon and the first line of the record appear on the device. A click on the general note will instantly open it in the application «Notes» and add it to the section «All iCloud» on the recipient’s device.

In the list of notes, general records will be indicated by an icon in the form of a person, by analogy with that, a lock icon is displayed next to password-protected records. With this feature, you can jointly edit to-do or shopping lists, notes, conference materials and more.

If you open the note and click again on the icon in the form of a person with a plus, you can see a list of invited users.

IPhone and iPad owners can still use to share «standard» Share function, but in this case they will have to edit the note separately, several times sending it to each other and losing a lot of time. The new feature allows all users to, co-editor, instantly view and edit notes.