How to instantly go back to the first or last photo in the application “Photo” on the iPhone and iPad

If you store all the photos on your iPhone, you’re probably killing a lot of time searching for the right snapshot, special, if it was made many years ago.

For example, you want to once again admire the beautiful sunset, which you photographed besides dozens of other landscapes and portraits while on vacation five years ago.

In this case, you need to scroll and scroll photos… and scroll again. Large galleries require great patience, insofar as, finding the photo you want, you have to scroll again, this time to get to the newest photos.

Luckily, Apple has provided a special gesture, allowing in the blink of an eye to be at the very bottom of the gallery. For, to quickly go to the bottom of the list, just click the appropriate tab. If you are viewing your photo collection by year in the tab «A photo» and scroll back years, clicking on a tab «A photo» will take you to the bottom of the list, where are the latest pictures. This method works in any tab in the application «A photo».

In turn, touch status bar instantly takes you to the first photo.

Suppose, You are viewing one of the saved albums in the tab «Albums». You need to select some of the most recent photos, but you accidentally clicked on the iOS status bar, what in «A photo» and other applications takes you up. How come back down? Everything is very simple – just click on the tab again «Albums».

hint: if you are already at the bottom of the album, clicking on a tab «Albums» will take you to the screen with a list of albums.

Tabbed «Memories» and «Are common» (starting with iOS 12: «For you», «Search») things are a little different, since they have the most recent shots at the top, not below. In spite of this, the basic idea is the same. For example, you scrolled the list into «Memories» («For you») to the middle and want to quickly get to the top, then just click on the tab «Memories». As with the tab «Albums», if you click on the tab «Memories» after opening one of the memories, you are taken to a screen with a list of all the memories.

Next, when you are lost among the abundance of photos, made a long time ago, remember, that you can always return to the most recent snapshots with just one click. This super trick is not mentioned in the documentation, neither in Apple instructions, therefore, not everyone knows about it, however, it has been present in iOS for several years.