How to install the WhatsApp application for Mac OS X

The web version of the WhatsApp messaging service is available on all popular platforms, now you can use the instant messenger on a Mac, without even opening the browser.

Last week, Rocky Sand Studio introduced the FreeChat application, allows you to chat with your friends on WhatsApp using a desktop computer.

Pay attention to, that you can’t do without a smartphone. Before you start chatting in FreeChat, need to confirm your phone number. To do this, you need to scan the QR code presented on the page via the messenger client on your mobile device (Settings —> WhatsApp Web).

All messages and contacts on the Mac are synchronized in real time with the program on the smartphone.

One of the features of FreeChat is drag-and-drop drag and drop support for photos. Besides, the client allows you to work with group chats, instantly reply to messages from the Notification Center and turn off notifications during correspondence.

For iPhone owners, FreeChat might seem familiar – its interface resembles iMessage. For lovers of stylish shades, a dark theme is provided. Among other advantages of the program, the display of the number of unread messages on the application icon on the Dock panel is also worth noting.

Remarkable, that FreeChat also determines the battery level of a smartphone, since in case of a device discharge the messenger becomes inaccessible. However, do not worry, that the application suddenly disconnects in the midst of correspondence. About the low battery FreeChat warns in advance.