How to install (reflash) tvOS beta on Apple TV 4G

Unfortunately, Currently, Apple’s public beta program does not cover tvOS support. On the Program’s website you can download only public beta versions of iOS and OS X. We hope, that in the near future, Apple will begin to release test assemblies tvOS for ordinary users.

In fact, tvOS 9 installation.2 beta is possible without registering a developer account, only the presence of the installation IPSW firmware file is sufficient. However, this is the difficulty — to find it freely available on the Internet is quite difficult.

Besides, to install tvOS beta using an ipsw firmware file you will need a USB-C adapter / USB.

How to install tvOS beta on Apple TV 4G

  1. Download the IPSW-file tvOS beta on the developer’s site;
  2. Connect Apple TV to computer, using USB-C cable and open iTunes;
  3. In iTunes, select the Apple TV icon, hold down the mac key on your keyboard ⌥Option (Alt) (on windows shift) and click on the Recover Apple TV button.
  4. Select downloaded in p.1 ipsw tvOS file and click Restore. Should be considered, that in the recovery process all files will be deleted from the Apple TV set-top box. After installing tvOS beta, you will have to re-configure the device, as if this was his first launch.
  5. The installation process of tvOS beta will begin. Usually the process takes no more than 5 minutes.