How to install or uninstall the application on Apple Watch

Apple Watch far gone status just «smart» hours, they can be even more useful due to the ability to install applications.

This device has a fairly diverse and attractive design, a clear dial and a sufficient number of pre-installed applications for a variety of purposes, starting from tracking physical fitness to indicating the direction of movement.

But if you want to really get the most out of your watch, then add some new applications. They make the best use of the display, sensors and quick access to the device.

If your iPhone already has an Apple Watch compatible app, then you can set it when setting the clock. But what about finding new applications? This question is actually directly related to the iPhone, to which the watch is tied. Here’s what to do.

How to install existing applications on iPhone on Apple Watch

When setting up your Apple Watch, the user is prompted to automatically install any watch-compatible applications, which already have an iPhone. If you skipped this step or prefer to choose later, what applications should be installed on your watch, here’s how to add programs to the Apple Watch.

  1. Open app «Watch» on iPhone, associated with Apple Watch.
  2. Scroll through pre-installed apps for Apple Watch, to see a list of programs on the iPhone, which are also compatible with watches. Applications, which are already on the watch, will have a shortcut «Install» opposite the name.
  3. Click on the button «Install». This action will install the application on the watch.

When, if you have previously installed the application, but later turned off its display on the Apple Watch, click on the program name in the section «Installed on Apple Watch». On the screen that opens, select the switch «Display on Apple Watch» on. This will return the application to the clock.

If you decide to uninstall this application, then always set the switch to off. The application will be deleted and will not be displayed on the Apple Watch.

How to install a new application on Apple Watch

  1. Open app «Watch» on iPhone, associated with Apple Watch.
  2. Go to the App Store tab.
  3. Choose application, which you want to download. App Store for Apple Watch works the same, Like the regular iOS App Store, with managed collections, functional applications and software search capabilities, specially designed to work with Apple Watch.
  4. On the application page, click «Download» (for free applications) or «Buy» (for paid applications), to load the selected option.

After downloading the program to the iPhone, the icon of the new application will appear on the main screen of the Apple Watch.

How to remove applications on Apple Watch

Branded (standard) Apple Watch apps install automatically (same as on iPhone and iPad). Unfortunately, Apple forbids them to be deleted, unlike software installed by the user from the App Store.

Therefore, if you need to free up more space on your watch, only personal data and software can be deleted.

How to remove the application directly on the Apple Watch

You don’t have to pick up your iPhone, if you want to remove the application from the Apple Watch. You can delete applications right on the watch as well, how do you uninstall apps from iPhone.

  1. Press the Digital Crown to open the Apple Watch home screen.
  2. Press and hold the application icon, which you are going to delete, until the icon starts «sway».
  3. Tap on the selected application – a button will appear «×» next to the icon. Remind, only third-party applications are available for removal.
  4. Press on «×» and confirm deletion, by clicking on the button «Delete application».

How to remove the application from Apple Watch using iPhone

  1. Open app «Watch» on iPhone.
  2. Select tab «My watch».
  3. Find the application you want to remove and click on it.
  4. Turn off the switch «Display on Apple Watch».