How to get supervise rights on iPhone and iPad?

Most recently, there was a way to hide icons from the iPhone and iPad desktop. So here, for, to perform this procedure, need to get supervisor rights. How to do it?

ATTENTION! When performing an operation, a full device reset will occur (iCloud data will remain intact), and the device itself will be updated to the latest current firmware version.

That is why the implementation of the procedure requires two steps:

  1. Create Backup in iTunes;
  2. Disable feature «Find iPhone».

After resetting the device, you can restore all the data from the backup.

How to get supervise rights

  1. Connect iPhone or iPad to Mac.
  2. Download and run the Apple Configurator (application is available only for Mac).
  3. Select your device and click the Prepare button.
  4. In field «Configuration» leave the default value, i.e — «Manual», and click «Next».
  5. In field «Server» value remains «Do not enroll in MDM» (disable remote control), «Next».
  6. Here is the option to gain access to supervisor rights. Check the checkbox in front of the checkboxes «Supervise devices» and «Allow devices to pair with other computers», «Next».
  7. In field «Name» enter any organization name. Remaining fields can be left blank, «Next».
  8. Put a dot in point «Generate a new supervision identity», because the device is paired for the first time, «Next».
  9. Now you need to select the steps, to be performed after resetting the device. We recommend leaving item «Show all steps», in order to fully configure the device. Press the button «Prepare».

Further, when, if the device is not the latest version of iOS, Apple Configurator prompts you to download the latest firmware version. Agree. (When, if there is a more recent beta, have to do downgrade).

After the subsequent configuration and activation of the device, the iPhone or iPad will have supervisor rights.