How to flip video on iPhone

How often do you shoot something on your iPhone? And how often do you forget, exactly how to keep your gadget, so you do not have to turn the video? That’s the same.

If you need to quickly shoot something, we automatically take the smartphone out of our pocket and start shooting in that position, what used to keep him – i.e, vertically. How many times have you watched vertical videos on YouTube and how many times have you caught yourself thinking, that watching them is wildly uncomfortable? Of course, it’s too late to change anything during shooting, so we will tell you in this article about, how to flip video on iphone, so that when viewed from a computer and from other devices, it is displayed correctly.

How to rotate the captured video on the iPhone

We decided to immediately disregard computers and video editors for them. Certainly, they have great functionality, incomparable with that in smartphones and their applications, but now we don’t need him – we need only a small amount of it and want to flip the video on the iPhone.

Unfortunately, Regular means of apple gadgets are not suitable for this. Therefore, the choice automatically falls on third-party editors. Of course, among all of them we chose free, because we won’t need cool functionality, as noted above.

The most famous application, sharpened just for turning over video, is an «Video Rotate And Flip». Not out, what have you heard about this software. Why precisely he? Based on one of its name follows, that the application is sharpened for specific actions, which we need. If you want to flip video on iPhone, You need to follow the instructions below:

  1. Go to the App Store, download this program from there, using ordinary search.
  2. After that, how will it be established, run it from the icon on one of the screens. Next you need to click on the button «Choose», to select a video, you want to flip.
  3. Now use the buttons marked on the screenshot to rotate the video. You can also use the remaining two for mirror-vertical/horizontal video display.
  4. After that, how to deploy video, in the upper right corner click on the button «Save» to save changes.
  5. Is done! Now you can watch the video even on the computer, even on TV and everywhere it will be in the same orientation.

If for one reason or another this application you did not like, You can use its analog. It is also free.

«Rotate Video HD» as a way to flip a video

As you understood, attachment «Rotate Video HD» works on exactly the same principle. Moreover, it has a similar interface, so you probably won’t have problems with it. But just in case, we prepared instructions for use:

  1. First of all, enter its name in the App Store search and download the software.
  2. Run from a shortcut on one of the tables.
  3. Choose one of the entries. In our case, They are made in Full HD quality and the application does an excellent job with video flipping at this resolution.
  4. Click on the icon, specified in the screenshot until then, until the video is displayed in the desired orientation.
  5. Then click on the button in the lower right corner, to save changes.
  6. Is done!

As you see, There are really no problems. The only obstacle – advertising in these applications. We think, you can put up with it, given the fact, that they are distributed absolutely free.