How to find your Apple ID

iPhone – This is not only a cool gadget on which you can download a bunch of toys, pictures and so on.

Smartphone owners need to remember some important information, for example Apple ID. Apple ID can be called a peculiar name, which is assigned to the user. It is necessary in order, to use some features and services. Want to download games from the App Store? Without ID will not work. In order to buy music in the iTunes Store, you also need to know the ID. That is why it is worth remembering data from Apple ID. But if you still lost them without a trace, then you can try to rectify the situation.

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1. Go to appleid and select item «Find Apple ID».

2. Next you will need to enter the name, last name, several mailboxes.

3. When, if in the previous step the data was entered correctly, the system will ask for the date of birth. If, incorrect information was provided, will have to remember the correct email address. Try to double-check input data several times, possible when registering you used upper case.

4. Then you will need to decide on the method of information recovery. There are only two options: via email and by entering some data. T.e in the first case, the information will come to the e-mail, if you choose the second method, you will need to answer a series of questions, which were selected during the registration processfive. After authentication, you will need to set a new password, which must meet certain requirements. Minimum combination length – 8 characters.

Open “Settings”

There is an easier way to find out Apple ID, but you can use it, if iCloud service was previously configured on the gadget. You just need to open the settings section and select the desired item.

Using iTunes Store

If the first two methods did not help, then you can try to go the other way. Open iTunes Store and look up. If you’re lucky, then there will be an account ID. The method may not work, so do not rely too much on him.

Conclusion: if suddenly you can’t remember the ID, then with certain data it is easy to recognize. But to avoid such embarrassment, better remember or write data, as they have a certain value. We hope, what advice, described in the article, helped you complete the restore operation.