How to find the iPhone if it is off

Search for disabled iPhone – the task is not the easiest, but realizable. Having read the information below, you will learn, how to find iphone, if it is off.

In addition to official funds, provided by Apple, You can also download other apps from the App Store to find your device, if you lost it or you stole it, which means you can double your self with multiple applications, which are set up once and forgotten forever, but in a difficult moment will help you find your device.

The easiest way to find a disabled iPhone

With the release of the 8th version of the mobile operating system iOS, iPhone owners have access to an amazing and very useful feature, the task of which is reduced to sending a message indicating the last location of the gadget before disconnecting it.

To function worked, you need to activate it. This is done as follows.

You open iPhone Settings, go to iCloud and turn on the function “Find iPhone”, if it is deactivated. This option allows you to track a lost smartphone using other devices. After that you click on the icon “Find iPhone” and activate the parameter Send Last Location, dragging the slider to the appropriate position.

Information about the current or last recorded location of the iPhone will be sent to the appropriate section of the service iCloud com, thanks to what you will know, where is the iPhone, even if it is discharged or someone deliberately turns it off.

IPhone search through the app

Apple offers an alternative search option, off iphone – using the Find My Phone application. Download it from the official AppStore on any iPhone, Log in using your data (Apple ID).

The application will show a list of all devices, linked to this account. Click on the icon of the disabled iPhone, and the system will announce its latest known location.

Here you can send a message to the lost phone (will appear when first turned on), delete data stored in its memory and perform other available functions.

Other functions, suggesting the ability to search, off iphone, not. If the application “Find iPhone” has been disabled and/or the smartphone was not associated with an Apple ID, learn about the location of the gadget on their own will not work – will have to turn to the help of law enforcement agencies and try to solve the problem with the involvement of their resources, so be careful, attentive and careful.