How to enter passwords on Mac (and unlock screen) by tapping Apple Watch

The ability to unlock a Mac using Apple Watch still exists with watchOS 3. And you can still use this convenient feature, being within your reach «apple» computer.

but, WatchOS 6 and MacOS Catalina Released New Features Available for Mac and Apple Watch Owners, including approving requests and viewing passwords.

By double-clicking the side button on an Apple smartwatch, you can allow downloading applications, unlock settings in «System settings», open passwords hidden in Safari and much more. Here’s how to approve requests and unlock passwords on Mac using Apple Watch.

System requirements

Although we have already voiced these requirements, when it came to unlocking Macs using the Apple Watch, there are a few minor differences for activating the query confirmation feature.

  1. Mac and Apple Watch must be signed in with the same Apple ID.
  2. Apple ID account must be secured by Two-Factor Authentication. You can enable Two-Factor Authentication on iPhone along the way: Settings → Apple ID (Your name) → password and safety.
  3. Apple Watch must have watchOS 6 or later installed on it, on mac – macOS Catalina or later.
  4. Apple Watch must have a passcode enabled (Settings → The code → Include code).

How to enable password entry on Mac (and screen unlock) on apple watch

If you’re already using Mac Auto Unlock with Apple Watch, then entering and viewing passwords in macOS is most likely already active. If not, just follow these steps:

  1. Open on Mac «System settings».
  2. Choose a section «Protection and safety».
  3. Go to tab «The main» and if necessary, click the unlock icon in the form of a lock in the lower left corner to be able to make changes.
  4. Check the box next to «Use Apple Watch to unlock the app and your Mac».

In which applications and how does password entry work on Mac by double-clicking the side button on the Apple Watch

Now, after the above setup, In addition to unlocking Macs using the Apple Watch, you’ll be able to quickly confirm requests (password entry) in applications, and view hidden passwords in Safari.

In the moment, when macOS will need to enter a password, Apple Watch will vibrate and the corresponding image, demonstration application on Mac, which can be unlocked using the Apple Watch.

To unlock, you just need to press the side button of the Apple Watch only twice.

This convenient feature can be used instead:

  • enter passwords for downloads on the Mac App Store.
  • password entry when unlocking (castle opening) in the system settings window.
  • password to unprotect notes in the Notes application.
  • password entry to view passwords, saved in Safari browser.


Then, that Apple Watch can remotely unlock a Mac – great feature. But this option of working with Apple Watch to confirm requests and view passwords makes them even better. Are you going to use this smartwatch feature? Tell us about your experiences.