How to enable or disable the automatic update of applications on the iPhone and iPad

The automatic application update feature was first introduced in iOS 7. As soon as a new version of a program comes out, the system loads and installs it, without asking for user permission. One side, automatic update is very convenient, since you do not need to constantly perform the same procedure.

On the other hand, Some iPhone and iPad owners may not like the lack of control, what is uploaded to the device. If desired, the user can disable the automatic update feature. Make it pretty simple.

How to turn on / disable automatic update feature in iOS

  1. Open application «Settings».
  2. Go to the App Store, iTunes Store.
  3. Scroll through the section «Automatic downloads» and, depending on the need, activate or deactivate items «Programs» and «Updates».

The solution is also available for those, who wants to use the auto update feature, but does not want to spend mobile traffic. The developers have provided the possibility of automatic updates only when the active connection to the Wi-Fi network.

You can configure automatic update via Wi-Fi as follows: below in the same section, you must disable the toggle switch «Cellular Data». Now when the smartphone is connected to Wi-Fi, the applications will be automatically updated, and once again think about the safety of mobile traffic will not have to.

Unfortunately, developers have not provided the possibility of selective automatic updates, therefore, setting this function for any specific applications will not work.

Generally automatic update – pretty useful thing, but sometimes it complicates the user’s life. Usually, in new versions, the creators of applications eliminate the flaws of previous releases, but sometimes updates still contain errors, which can impair the performance of the iPhone or iPad.