How to enable (disable) the Always On feature on the Apple Watch screen

Starting with Apple Watch Series 5 «smart watch» Apple’s Always On feature (Always On), which allows you to always see the time on the screen.

The device is no longer necessary to wake up by lifting the wrist or pressing it. This feature was expected by many, everyone likes her.

Users noticed, that it uses up the Apple Watch battery faster. Besides, some people may consciously want, so that the watch’s screen is not permanently turned on for certain reasons. Like many other features, Always on (Always On) can be enabled or disabled depending on the user preferences of the owner of the Apple Watch.

When the Always On feature is activated, the device screen will always light up, but more dull, if you don’t lift the watch and press it. This makes the device look like a regular watch, on which the dial is always visible and allows you to find out the time.

How to disable (turn on) always on function (Always On) right on the apple watch

You can easily disable the Always On feature (Always On) directly on the Apple Watch in the device settings:

  1. In the Apple Watch, open the application «Settings» (it looks like a gear).
  2. Scroll through the settings to «Screen and brightness» and click on it.
  3. Go to the section «Always on» and set the corresponding switch to Turned off. This will disable the always-on screen feature.
  4. Exit the application «Settings» and use your watch normally.

Disabling the Always On feature on the Apple Watch for some users may actually lead to increased device uptime, but it all depends on the use cases of the watch, charging frequency and other factors.

note, what, being in the watch settings section, you can also adjust the brightness of the device screen.

Some users may want to turn off the screen. Always on for other reasons, eg, for privacy reasons or, perhaps, because they don’t want to give other people the opportunity to look in their watches to view the time or some other information. note, what if you need to turn off the screen Always on for privacy, then you can simply activate the setting «Hide confidential extensions» on the same Apple Watch settings screen. This will allow you to hide personal data from the watch dial when the screen mode is always on.

Sure, there are such Apple Watch users, who may prefer the traditional mode of working with them: wrist movement or touching the screen to activate the display. maybe, someone doesn’t take off a watch even in a dream, using them as an alarm clock, but people sleeping nearby may not appreciate the always-on dim light source. There are many reasons, by which you may want to disable or enable this feature.

How to disable (turn on) always on function (Always On) on Apple Watch using iPhone

You can also enable the Always On feature on compatible Apple Watch models. Here is how to do it:

  1. Run the application Watch on iPhone.
  2. Open section «Screen and brightness».
  3. Go to the section «Always on» and set the corresponding switch to Turned off.

As mentioned earlier, Activating the Always On mode may lead to a decrease in device autonomy – additional battery power will be spent to ensure a constant backlight. Do you notice a decrease in the operating time of the watch – Depends on your use case for Apple Watch, frequency of using the device and charging its battery.

It depends only on you, what settings do you use for Apple Watch. Recall, that the Always On function only works on new watch models (starting with Apple Watch Series 5).