How to download photos from iPhone to computer: the complete guide

To free device memory, files must be transferred to another type of storage.

From an iPhone, downloading photos to a PC is more difficult due to the individuality of the operating system. The following instruction offers several ways to clear the phone memory by freeing the built-in storage. So the data will be transferred from the iPhone in five basic ways. Each of them will be optimal for different types of devices for apple products.

USB connection, through the cord

The method offers to transfer files from your iPhone to PC. To do this, you must use the USB cable from the charger. When connected to a computer, a standard window pops up, appearing when connecting similar devices.

Select the file viewing function and get into the phone menu. One or more folder disks are represented. To download photos from iPhone you need to select those files, that you need to save to your hard drive. Remove the power cord through the button in the lower right corner of the computer «safely remove hardware».

Important! Copying photos in this way is possible only «one way», and download them back to the phone, like on Android OS, will not work.

ITunes Assistant

There is iTunes to sync with your Apple device. Downloading from the official site, after which the installer package .exe starts. The user’s language is also selected there. Opening the program, connect the device via USB. The program will request permission to access – on the phone, agree.

After finding the phone, click on its icon (in the top panel) and in the menu on the left, select the items in the settings section, who want to download.

A memo will appear, which will prompt, where to save pictures from the phone.

Detailed information offers support From here install the iCloud library. You will need it to import data, or you can transfer them using another option for the PC. She has several nuances, depends on windows version.

Folder data will appear in the central area. You can select multiple snapshots or upload them in folders. The phone displays as indelible photos in «from my computer». You can delete them by canceling synchronization, uncheck the box next to this action, or uploading an empty folder to iPhone. She will not be reflected in the photo library.

If you need to copy documents or other files, use iCloud Drive without syncing. To do this, go to the section «shared files» and select those, who want to keep, by clicking «To add». The next window will reflect the list of documents. In this way, you can copy data from computer to phone.

To transfer photos to a computer using the program, go to the tab with photos. In the central window, specify the type of synchronization. Highlighted lines mean, that the phone was already connected to the program on another device, and synchronization is established with it. With a new connection, all files will be displayed. Function «apply» means the inclusion of the synchronization function with the selected parameters and the type of download.

When reconnecting should be synchronized manually, to transfer the necessary files to the computer. If iMediatek is installed, then the download is performed in the background immediately after connecting the phone to the computer and starting the program.

By the way, music can be listened to in the program, even if it is not downloaded to the phone, but you once dried it online, eg, through social networks. From the library each individually can be downloaded to iPhone, without buying it on the App Store.

WI-Fi sync

This method «one cord less» interesting topics, Who wants to transfer files purchased in the App Store to other Apple devices?. Also, the method is convenient for fast copying photos. Install iTunes on that device, with which you want to connect the phone. Connect, in the menu on the left in the review item, select the type of synchronization over Wi-Fi.

FIRST, synchronize your phone with a PC in response, and then turn it off. Apply the settings on the PC and disconnect from it. On iPhone, select photos to display on your computer. Next, watch the wireless sync process when both devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

Each time it is enough to connect the phone to the power, enable iTunes and watch automatic data transfer. If you disconnect the power supply, synchronization will continue: notice the battery icon (it does not charge) and sync icon (he is still present).

iCloud storage

Apple’s own disk storage. You can log in to the account at, Enter your Apple ID and password. They coincide with the data when entering the App Store on the iPhone. In the phone settings, the top line will remind your login, and the password can be restored to the PC or reset via the phone. This method is convenient to those, what, anywhere in the world, you can demonstrate the landscape of pictures to your relatives, who have access to your iCloud.

To transfer files, install iCloud, downloading it on the phone from the App Store. 5 GB available for storage. Synchronize your phone with a disk or manually copy the images you need. All phone data will be displayed on the PC, A gallery can be downloaded to your hard drive.

On the website in the iCloud Drive tab and “A photo” can view available files, upload images from the PC to the cloud.d. In the iCloud section «a photo» you can view captured iPhone galleries, which are not yet transferred to the cloud. The function works with the media library, which must be activated in the phone settings.

For those, to whom the phone offers to buy additional storage, important advice. Since it is impossible to delete downloaded images from iPhone, they will have to be replaced with freshly loaded ones. Therefore, the storage is constantly increasing, and data transfer from the phone is not possible. Especially tricky users upload empty folders via sync, no images inside. They are also empty on the phone, and occupy only 13 Kb, which is optimal for working with the repository.