How to download music on iPhone

Paid content is not for everyone, and downloading audio files for free on devices running ios is relatively difficult.

File system is not here, which means, compositions cannot simply be moved from a computer without third-party applications, as if on a flash drive. However, if you thoroughly understand, how to download music on iphone, in the future, the process will reach automatism and will not cause questions and inconveniences.

In addition to the well-known media player iTunes, there are many other applications and their developers, offering convenient work with compositions.

It is worth noting, that truly satisfactory functionality is uncommon. App Store is full of programs with the ability to download audio directly from social networks, but in practice people are often convinced, that functions from the description are not available. To see all the cons, it is enough to first read the reviews of those, who have already managed to use the development.

Downloading music to iPhone using computer and iTunes

For this we need the downloaded media player iTunes, which is designed to organize files, as well as synchronization with other devices (which is especially convenient in the absence of the Internet). Besides, it provides the possibility of listening to Internet radio and audio books. Despite the abundance of functions, the most common reason for using it – this is downloading melodies from the computer. On gadgets running ios, the program is already in the standard package of installations.

Go to the official website, enter a valid e-mail address.

Click on the download icon. Upon completion of the process, we find the file with the exe extension and run it. Then follow the steps below:

  1. We connect device to computer via cable.
  2. Run iTunes and start adding songs. Way: «file» – «add file to the library». You can use the add folder function.
  3. We synchronize the device with the computer, in section «devices» choose the name of our gadget.
  4. Next – music section. We leave a tick next to «Sync music». You can not skip this item, many forget about it and make a conclusion, that the program does not work.
  5. We return to the section «Overview». Choose «Synchronize». We are waiting for the completion of the process. Is done!

You can also download tunes via wi-fi. A special computer adapter is required (on laptops are often embedded) and functioning wireless network on the gadget.

  1. On the network we connect the gadget with the computer.
  2. Run iTunes.
  3. «Settings» – «overview».
  4. We are looking for a block «options».
  5. Put a tick next to «Sync with this iPhone over Wi-Fi»
  6. Next, click «To apply» and «Synchronize». Is done.

iTools instead of iTunes, more convenient and faster

Thanks to the third-party program iTools, which is positioning itself as an analogue of iTunes, you can save music files from your computer without synchronization. Besides, This handy file manager is made without unnecessary lotions and puts the songs directly into the memory of the device, in the app «Music».

  1. Connect via cable. Launch iTools.
  2. Open the music section. Find the files you need. Select, we press «Open».
  3. In section «Import to device» choose your device.
  4. We are waiting for the end of the download. Is done. Now ringtones will also appear on the iPhone, in the above application.
  5. Worth noting, what, if the file was recorded as through this program, so and through iTunes, in the application «Music» It will appear as 2 identical audio recordings.
  6. In addition to methods using a computer, You can also download directly from the device.

Download music on iPhone without a computer

In the pre-installed Safari browser, you can only listen in online mode, but the app store has apps, allowing to download audio files from cloud storage.

Will consider, how to use them on an example «iMusic cloud player» (or «Music lover offline»)

  1. Download the application on the App Store. Run. – Download «Music lover offline».
  2. At the bottom choose «Import» – «Sources». Push «add source» at the top of the screen.
  3. For our example, select Dropbox from the list. Enter your username and password, specified at registration in «a cloud».
  4. We choose the composition we are interested in. You can listen to it, so and download.

The big minus is, that downloaded is available only in the application itself. If audio files were imported directly to the device, it would be much more convenient. Also, compositions will not arise themselves «from the air», put them in «cloud» need to advance, using other devices.

What to do, if there is no cloud storage? Everything is simple: you need to install it and register an account. We will need it not only for downloading music, but also for quick file sharing between own and others devices.

How to purchase a paid album/track

it happens, that the desired file is not in the list of public. In such cases, it can be easily bought in the iTunes store. Plus this method is the fastest and safest.

You can purchase a record like this:

  1. Go to the iTunes store and enter the data Apple ID.
  2. In the search we write the name of the group or composition.
  3. Push «Buy».
  4. Enter payment details (Visa, MasterCard).
  5. Push «Is done». Now the song will appear in the library.

Download music on Apple gadgets is not so dreary and long, as it seems at first glance. After the first experiments everything becomes clear, like two two. And the choice of any of the above methods depends only on the user’s personal preferences.