How to disable warm-up reminders in Apple Watch

Apple Watch is designed primarily for two tasks: expanding iPhone functionality and tracking user health. Watches cope with the second task thanks to watchOS special platform, containing many useful options, about one of which we will describe below.

Apple Watch developers have implemented a reminder system, which is calculated, basically, on users, leading a sedentary lifestyle (eg, because of sedentary work). As known, lack of physical activity is fraught with many diseases, down to the very serious, requiring long and painful treatment. In order to save users from the potential danger, a warm-up reminder function was created and enabled on the smart watch platform. And the user is not required to perform complex physical exercises, just allocate about a minute per hour every day, to stand or walk.

The reminders themselves work this way: the clock is fixed, that the user is in a sitting position for more than 50 minutes and display a warm-up notification. However, the developers have not provided the settings of this function, because of which, eg, they do not take into account previous user activity. I.e, if the owner of the gadget was in the gym for a couple of hours and decided to rest after that, device still after 50 minutes will signal the need to warm up.

Such an ill-conceived reminder system, with all the benefits of this function, over time can tire the user. In this case, there are two solutions to the problem: full deactivation of the option or its shutdown for a certain time. You can unsubscribe from reminders by following a series of simple steps.

How to disable

  1. First you need to open Watch on your iPhone.
  2. In the window that appears, find the item «Activity» and select it.
  3. Next you need to select and disable the option «Warm-up reminders», if you want to refuse reminders forever.

If you need to temporarily disable notifications, then select the item «Disable reminders for one day».

When deactivating reminders, Apple Watch will not stop setting daily goals for users, however, stop pestering him with reminders. All indicators of physical activity will continue to be recorded and stored in the appropriate applications.