How to disable receiving iOS 13 beta updates

Not all users, who subscribe to receive beta versions of iOS, are developers. Among them are journalists, testing new features, as well as ordinary people, who just want to try the latest innovations (despite errors).

If you are tired of constant notifications about the next beta update of iOS 13, then in this article we will tell, how to unsubscribe from them.

How to disable receiving iOS 13 beta updates and switch to official updates «for all»

1. Delete beta profile «iOS Beta»

The first step is to delete the beta profile, which you installed earlier, in the moment, when you first signed up for iOS 13 beta. This profile allows your device to download and update iOS beta versions (and ignore regular public updates).

To remove it, open the standard application «Settings», tap section «The main» and scroll to the subsection «Profile».

Here you will see the installed beta profile. Click «Delete profile», to remove it.

Enter the lock password and confirm the intention by pressing the button «Delete».

2. Reboot device

Restart your iPhone or iPad in any way. The above steps will reset the software update mechanism, after which the device will start checking for regular updates.

3. Check iOS Update

After restarting your iPhone or iPad, launch the application again «Settings» → «The main», then go to section «Software Update». The system will check for updates, and in case, if the update will be available, You will receive a notification. Download and install the update as usual.