How to disable incoming calls on iPad and Mac when the iPhone is ringing

The brilliant Continuity feature allows you to start working on one device and immediately continue on another, and, taking a call on iphone, answer paired iPad or Mac.

But all joys can fade, if several home devices are paired with Apple ID.

With an incoming call, the apocalypse may begin, in different rooms at the same time. About, how to disable Continuity on certain devices, we will tell in this material.

How to disable incoming calls (Continuity) on iPad and Mac, when iphone calls?

  1. Open the Settings app on iPhone.
  2. Go to the Phone section → On other devices.
  3. In field «Allow calls on devices» leave only those gadgets, on which you want to see duplicate incoming call. Well, or disable all calls, transferring the switch opposite the item «Allow calls» inactive.

Is done!

How to disable facetime calls on certain devices?

Apple went a little further and allowed to answer from any device not only to cellular calls from the iPhone, but also on facetime calls. There is no longer possible to block from one device «oxygen» to others, so on each disconnect separately.

How to disable facetime calls on iPhone, iPod touch or iPad?

  1. Open Settings → FaceTime.
  2. Move the toggle switch opposite «FaceTime» inactive.

Is done!

How to disable FaceTime calls on Mac OS X?

  1. Run facetime.
  2. Open the FaceTime menu → Settings… (or press the key combination Command (⌘) + ,).
  3. In the tab «Settings» to the right of the Apple ID account, click «Go out».

Is done!