How to disable geolocation on the iPhone

It’s not a secret to anybody, which is one of the most «voracious» functions of any modern smartphone is geolocation.

Did you notice, That your iPhone has become noticeably faster to discharge? Not out, that the problem is not hidden in the battery that has lost capacity, And in the constantly active function of determining the location of the device. In this article we want to answer your question: «How to disable geolocation on the iPhone?». Besides, You will certainly find in it for yourself and other useful information on the use of this function!

Geolocation: so do we need her?

clear, that positioning is used to build routes and when working with maps, but it really is the main purpose of the sensor? In fact, geolocation is used literally everywhere. A common example would be a standard photo application – using the sensor, the location is calculated and special tags are assigned to the photos – coordinates.

First of all, with their help, other people will understand, where the picture was taken. Similar signatures with a snapshot can be seen on the same social networks.

Secondly, it’s a great way to sort and find photos among hundreds/thousand others.

From the above, we can make a simple conclusion: geolocation should be kept active only if, if you have access at any time/Do you carry PowerBank with you?, then increased battery consumption is not terrible. But in that case, if you charge the gadget once a day, should learn to disable geolocation on iPhone 4S/5/5S/6/6S/7.

How to disable geolocation on the iPhone with any version of iOS?

As noted above, procedure is extremely simple – will need to perform some easy to remember actions:

  1. Go to the settings menu.
  2. Next you need to find there point «Privacy» and clicking on it.
  3. Click once on sub-item «Geolocation service», to go to the next window.
  4. Slide the active slider, and then confirm your decision, pressing the button «Turn off».
  5. Is done! Now the charge will decrease!

Turning on, as you know, exercises in exactly the same way – you need to move the slider in the opposite direction.

I would also like to focus your attention on, that in this menu you can configure the access of applications to the location.