How to disable autoplay video and audio on sites in Safari on Mac

Sites on the Internet have long ceased to be text pages with rare interspersed in the form of pictures. Thanks to web technology, multimedia has become an integral part of the web.

Going to a particular page, we can unwittingly start hearing music being played, see some movie. Moreover, the site may be as news, as well as an online store or video portal. Regardless of the purpose of the page, its behavior can be annoying.

Fortunately, all this sound and visual madness is easy to stop, correctly setting up Safari browser on Mac. It is easy to disable the automatic playback of multimedia for certain sites or for all at once.

How to configure Safari on Mac to turn off autoplay video and audio on sites

This set of instructions is great for those, who has many tabs open at the same time, which require customization.

  1. Launch the Safari browser and click on the Safari section in the menu bar.
  2. Select «Settings…».
  3. Go to tab «Web sites».
  4. Select «Auto play» in the left column of the section «The main».

The right side of the menu will show the currently open websites, and under them – already configured sites.

How to delete created site rules

It happens sometimes, that you need to cancel your decision and choose other settings for the site. They are easy to remove from the list.

  1. Choose a site, whose settings you want to delete.
  2. At the bottom of the window, click «Delete». The site will immediately disappear from the list.

The auto-play setting of media content is quite flexible. So, when following a direct link to YouTube, it’s logical to expect an immediate start to watch the video. But on news sites, not everyone needs such content. Setting up specific sites is very useful. Try using it in a regular browser on a Mac.