How to delete old Apple Watch backups from iPhone

Smart watches Apple Watch work closely with iPhone. Even a backup copy of the accessory software is stored locally on the phone.

When you back up your iPhone to iCloud or iTunes, a backup of the clock will go to the cloud or to the computer.

If music and photos from the Apple Watch do not sync, then these backups usually do not take up much space and do not cause concern. Usually, several hundred kilobytes are enough to store settings and data from the clock. Even one photograph takes up more space. But repeated recovery of Apple Watch software may spawn multiple backups. The data they contain is about the same, so these archives are clearly redundant and unnecessary. You can leave them untouched, but why store unnecessary things, capable of causing confusion?

In this material we will tell, Where are the old Apple Watch backups located and how can I delete them.

How to delete old Apple Watch backups

  1. Launch the application on your iPhone «Settings».
  2. Go to Basic → IPhone storage. Have to wait a few seconds, while the data is loading.
  3. Scroll down the screen and find the Watch section. Enter it. Previous Apple Watch backups will appear in «Documents and Data».
  4. To delete a backup, swipe it from right to left or just click on the button «Delete all backups», to get rid of all files at once.

Sure, deleting old Apple Watch backups doesn’t make much sense. These files are very small in size. However, sometimes you have to deal with duplicates, which certainly are not needed.