How to delete files on macOS past the recycle bin

Well, you know: to delete unnecessary file or folder, on «make» need to either drag it into the trash can, either select file, and then click ⌘Cmd + Delete.

And then – also remove it from the basket! but, there is a way to directly delete files in macOS without putting them in «Trash».

How to delete files on macOS bypassing the recycle bin

  1. Open a new Finder window;
  2. Click on one or more files, you want to remove.
  3. Hold key ⌥Option (Alt).
  4. Move the cursor to the menu bar and select File → Delete immediately.
  5. When the dialog box appears «Do you really want to delete [file name]? This object will be deleted immediately. This action is irreversible», select delete.

Is done — just unnecessary file went not to the Trash, and immediately to… let’s call it «computer non-existence» :).

P.S. For greater convenience, we recommend you remember the combination «hot keys» permanently delete: in our case it is ⌥Option (Alt) + ⌘Cmd + Delete.

Useful command for working with the Recycle Bin. With the active Finder window shortcut ⌘Cmd + ⌥Option (Alt) + ⇧Shift + Delete will instantly clear the contents of the cart without a dialog box.

If this command seems uncomfortable (after all, 4 buttons at once) or difficult, remove the warning in the usual way to empty the basket. To do this, open a new Finder window, in the menu bar select Finder, then Settings → Add-ons and uncheck the box Warn when cleaning the Recycle Bin.