How to create reminders on the iPhone, tied to a place

The developers managed to perfectly tie the geolocation component to the standard application «Reminders» in iphone.

It is very convenient to receive reminders attached to a place. for example, passing near the store you may receive a notice stating, which would not hurt to buy certain products.

How to create an in-place reminder on iPhone?

  1. Swipe left for a reminder of interest and press the button «Still».
  2. Activate the switch opposite the parameter «Remind by location».
  3. Go to section «Geolocation».
  4. Select a place manually or enter the address in the search bar.

After you specify a place, you can pull the slider, to change the radius of the zone, when you enter or leave you will receive a notification.

Attention! Reminders with geolocation can not be saved in Microsoft Outlook and Exchange accounts.

How to add specific places to selected contacts

And you can add the most frequently used home, Worker and other places to your contact card. For this:

  1. Open your contact.
  2. In the upper right corner click «To edit».
  3. Click on «Add address».

Saving addresses, you will be able to access them quickly from «Reminders». For example, leaving work and creating a geolocation reminder, you will never forget to do this or that.

How to create a reminder when landing (disembarking) in the car

Among other things, in iOS Reminders, you can create conditions, for which the user will receive reminders, tethered to the car (the car must be equipped with a bluetooth interface).