How to create an icon-link site directly in the Dock on Mac

In OS X and Safari in particular, there is a little known, but very useful feature. If you often visit 2-3 sites, then access can be made fast, and beautiful. How to do it, will tell right now.

  1. Open Safari on your Mac, go to the desired site.
  2. Move the mouse to the address bar (there, where you enter the site address).
  3. An icon will appear on the left «a plus».

«Grab hold of» drag it to the dock (on the right side after the dash, next to the Downloads and Trash folder). This should be done immediately after the icon appears «a plus», if you linger, then clicking on «a plus» will call the context menu.

As an option, You can click on the site name in the address bar and drag down the color icon that appears to the left.

Is done — Now the link to the desired site appeared on the Dock as a globe icon. Now, to go to your favorite site, just click on «the globe», OS X will automatically open the link in the default browser.

Of course, there are downsides — Dock seats are not rubber, and all «globes» similar to each other and suggest the name of the site hiding in them only by moving the cursor. However, for one or two favorite web pages, this is a simple, but a very useful feature is fine. Yes and «dock» can not be limited — if desired, such «shortcuts» can be displayed on the desktop, and in folders.