How to connect Bluetooth headphones to Apple TV

One of the important functions of the fourth generation Apple TV multimedia player is the ability to connect Bluetooth headsets, very popular with TV lovers, play or listen to music at night, when households fall asleep.

The wireless headset is a transmitter, connecting to the TV, and receiver (proper, headphones). However, it can be used only if there is a corresponding connector on the TV, otherwise, you need to additionally buy an expensive transmitter or amplifier. With the release in 2015 of the new Apple TV, everything has become much easier.

The fourth generation set top box is not the first, allows you to listen to audio through wireless headphones. This feature is also implemented in the new Rokus models, PS4 and Xbox One, but unlike them, Apple TV supports almost all currently existing Bluetooth headphones.

Connecting an accessory to a multimedia player is very simple. Like any iOS device (tvOS, on which the set top box works, is a specialized version of iOS), Apple TV provides an application «Settings».

Use the remote control to open this program, Press on «Remote controls and devices» and in the list of options that opens, select Bluetooth.

The Bluetooth section lists all devices, who have ever connected to Apple TV.

Now you need to activate Bluetooth on the headphones. The set-top box will detect the signal they send, and in the section «Other devices» the name of the accessory will appear and, possibly, manufacturer. Click on it, and headphones connect to Apple TV.

Remarkable, that Apple TV allows you to simultaneously connect several different Bluetooth devices, whether headphones or speakers, but only one of them will be active. You can switch between them, following the above instructions.