How to connect a mouse to an iPad using a DoBox docking station

Tablets, unlike laptops, not meant to create content, but for his consumption. IPad is no exception.

The difference between these gadgets, mainly, consists in the absence of traditional input devices on the tablet, which greatly narrows its scope.

And if the problem with the keyboard can be solved by purchasing a branded accessory Apple or any other, connected via Wi-Fi, it is not so easy with the mouse. Usually, in order to use a manual manipulator with a tablet, the latter must be jailbroken. Not everyone is happy. However, alternatives did not exist until recently, and that’s why, in case of emergency, still had to crack the firmware. The new doBox is designed to change the current state of affairs.

The accessory is connected to the iPad wirelessly. Available in the new USB ports allow you to connect any peripheral devices to the iOS gadget, including mouse.

At the same time there will be no need to install additional software or jailbreak the gadget. Immediately after connecting the manipulator, the usual arrow pointer will appear on the tablet screen. Left click will be possible to make «tapas», the right one will replace the button «Home», and the scroll wheel will scroll through the pages.

Actually, With DoBox, you can convert a tablet to a laptop. How relevant is this?, let everyone decide for himself. Just add, iPad has quite good battery life, unlike laptops, and only because the docking station will find its customers.

Among other things, DoBox is also endowed with a built-in battery and can function as a wireless router. With its help, you can connect microSDHC cards to your tablet and stream audio and video content from your gadget.