How to clear Apple Music cache on Mac OS X

With active use of Apple Music on a Mac, the cached data folder can be gigantic. In this article we will explain how to manage cache files, saved iTunes when listening to Apple Music.

To control the cache of Apple Music, we use third-party programs.

View Cached Music

With the help of this utility, you can view the entire history of listened tracks, select and delete several or all files, cached, and:

  • see basic track information;
  • sort files by albums, genres, tags and so on;
  • play audio by pressing the space bar.

That is, with View Cached Music, we can not just clear the entire cache of Apple Music, and comfortable to selectively delete certain files.

Flush Apple Music Cache Files

But this utility is designed specifically to remove all cached music, for what:

1. Download and mount Flush Apple Music Cache Files.

2. Open the following directory in Finder:


If the folder «Scripts» will not be detected, then create it.

3. Copy the two files from the mounted image to the folder «Scripts».

4. Extract Flush Apple Music Cache Files.

5. The icon appears in the menu bar, clicking on which, a window will open «Flush Apple Music Cache Files».

6. Press the button «Proceed», to clear the Apple Music cache.

Is done!