How to check the authenticity of the iPhone

I want to have a new iPhone, yes and well working, but cheap? Unfortunately, By such requests, the Apple phone is almost impossible to find.

Fraudsters often sell not only new models for a long time, and generally forged or stolen. To avoid becoming a victim in the same situation, find out, how to check the authenticity of the iPhone.

Data on the box

Do not rush to throw away the original packaging of your iPhone! it – one of the main elements, helping to authenticate.

You should be interested in the following data:

  • model;
  • serial number;
  • IMEI (by the way, You can learn more about your phone using the service, but more on that later). Take the box of your phone and turn it over. You should be interested in the information on the back of the cover, down below.

Pay attention to the quality of the label. IPhone original packaging, presented in this entry, was purchased with the device at the end of 2015. However, the inscriptions during this time are not erased. If your box is noticeable, what information were trying to erase, it is not just an accident, and clear evidence of forgery. You have the right to know, does the serial number match.

Next, go to «Settings», and then in «Main», «About the device». Check out, whether the data on the box and in the settings. If not – iphone repaired, either before you is a fake with “Chinese” components. The necessary information is highlighted in red on the screen for your convenience.

Check by serial number

You can always check the status of your device on the official Apple website. Phone bought more than 365 days ago? Unfortunately, manufacturer’s warranty is no longer valid.

Enter the serial number (you can watch it, as per package, so in the device itself, if the numbers match). The numbers on the box are marked as (S). For full details, please log in with your AppleID. But, as you can see, official site guessed – it was really an iPhone 6s.

IMEI check

Another equally important check is carried out through the site, dedicated to imei. A person with any phone can enter his IMEI code there, to find out all the factory data of your device. Do not neglect this item, even if the test results for the previous you are quite satisfied.

Visit the site. Don’t be scared, that he is in English – you can use a translator. However, to obtain information, it will be enough to verify the data dropped from the search with those, what is on the box and in the device settings.

In the marked place on the screenshot you need to enter your own code. Do not forget to click the tick near «I am not a robot». Then check the information, pushing the big blue button next.

Activation lock («Find iPhone»)

Be sure to check, is the feature enabled «Find iPhone». If yes, then your phone, even if it looks neat, completely useless – he stole.

Disable feature «Find iPhone» only that seller can, who himself was the owner of the device and remembers Apple ID. If he comes up with various excuses (forgot password, changed e-mail and will not be able to restore it), then boldly refuse to purchase.

AT «Settings» check out, whether the previous owner has logged out of his iCloud account. And the iPhone should be reset to factory settings – this feature is also present in «Settings».

External signs

Check out the signs, that the iphone was being repaired and, probably, not worth it, to buy it.

  1. There are bands of unknown origin on the screen, and if you rotate the device, then on the edges will be white stripes. It means, that the screen is clearly changed and it is of poor quality.
  2. On many Apple devices, the button «Home» starts to work worse, if you press it too actively and disable. Generally, if she behaves inadequately (fails, does not respond to touch), then this is a bad bell.
  3. The sensor is working properly, 3D Touch does not mess up, and when you click on the screen there is no trace.
  4. Be sure to check the USB cable and headphones, which are included! If you pay for them, they must be factory (unless you warned otherwise). Chinese charges are not compatible with the original Apple iPhone – they can just hurt the phone.
  5. If the speaker is flooded with water (This applies to earlier iPhone models»), then he may start to work worse. Check the quality of cellular communication. She must be clean, no extraneous noise.
  6. iPhone should not heat up too fast.
  7. application «Camera» working properly, focus does not shift.
  8. Do not be afraid to remove the protective film from the device – better look, is there any scratches under it.

the main thing – do not be afraid to check the device before buying. You have the right to do so. It is worth to doubt the honesty of the seller, if he hurries a client, does not allow to go through all check items.


Of course, better to always purchase the device from official representatives, then there will be no questions about authenticity. But what, if you find a cute device cheaper? Do not just rely on the integrity of the seller, and check, to complete the package, be sure to write down the phone number of the person, who sold you the phone.

If you can – check for authenticity, still not buying a smartphone, to know exactly, tricked you or not.