How to check how much memory certain applications take on the iPhone and iPad

Starting from iOS 11 (overview) Now you can delete applications on iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, while maintaining program data.

Thus, when reinstalling applications, users do not need to reinstall the settings. Although it is quite a useful feature, iOS reminders about the lack of space in the storage clearly show, what’s the best way to save memory – delete applications along with their data.

But before, what to do to remove, worth finding out, which applications occupy the most storage space. Many users probably noticed, that the iPhone runs out of storage pretty quickly. This is due to, that applications continue to grow in size. This is partly due to laziness of developers, which do not optimize their programs under Apple technology to save space, such as App Thinning and On-Demand Resources. However, Thinning App is not a magic wand, which fixes the problem, as the screens of smartphones become more and more and the number of pixels in them increases. As a result, more resources are required to support user interfaces and high resolution technologies.

Tab «IPhone storage and use» since iOS 11 is called simply «IPhone storage», which makes it easier for beginners to access this feature. This section displays information about the amount of free space on the device, How much space does an application take?, and also offers recommendations for the release of space.

  1. Run the application «Settings» on your iOS device.
  2. Follow the path: «Main» → «IPhone storage» (or «IPad Storage», when it comes to ipad).
  3. The screen displays a list of installed applications and information about the amount of space they occupy. Most «heavy» applications will be located at the top of the list. Tap on the desired program, to get more information about the size of the application and the amount of space, which occupy his data.

Cached data and temporary files may not be counted as used. As earlier, you can delete the application and its data, including cached data and temporary files, clicking option «Remove program» in the summary window.

Content of some applications, such as «Music», «Messages», Safari and «Podcasts» can be deleted directly from this screen, as shown in the images below.

How to automatically delete unused applications on the iPhone or iPad

Starting with iOS 11, Apple’s mobile software offers a new option «Download application», allowing to remove an application, but at the same time save his data. Besides, in section «iTunes and App Store» an optional switch appeared in the settings «Unload unused», when activated, iOS will automatically unload unused programs.

Near the name of the remote (unloaded) application icon will appear with the image «clouds and arrows» (in detail).

Apple did not specify the period, during which the application must remain inactive, iOS to remove it. However, in the list of applications in the section «IPhone storage» there is an item «Last used».

Downloading applications makes sense, if the program itself has a huge size, but his data is small. Do not worry, when reinstalling the application, Considering, that it will still be available on the App Store, all data will be restored.