How to change the battery on the iPhone 5

Noticed, what is your pet – iPhone 5th model, started to discharge too quickly?

There are two options. Or recently you have become too active, or the battery over time has lost a certain percentage of capacity and now it needs to be changed. Apple Technique – this, first of all brand, known to the world. And only then smartphones and tablets. That is why the cost of replacing the battery in the service centers can sometimes be equated to the predatory. In this regard, we decided to write detailed instructions for you, where lucidly narrated and clearly shown, how to change battery on iphone 5.

How to change the battery on the fifth iPhone

Just want to say, that the process is not easy. And if you have not performed such procedures before, better not risk the safety of your device, its performance and take the gadget to a service center. There professionals will be engaged in replacement of the accumulator, successfully repaired more than one hundred smartphones. Ready to take risks and confident in their abilities? Then proceed!

First, let’s define, what we need. so, for self-replacement of the battery, we need a set of small screwdrivers, which are designed to twist bolts very small. It is also better to get plastic tools and suction cups – they are needed for a smooth and harmless disconnect of contacts, modules. These are sold in specialized stores.

Parsing the iPhone 5 for battery replacement

Well, Now the fun begins – parsing process. Be extremely careful, careful and as vigilant as possible. You must do the following:

  1. Turn off your smartphone.
  2. The first step is to remove the front panel. At the bottom of the device, on the sides of the charging hole, there are two bolts, diameter 3,6 mm each. Unscrew them carefully, using a suitable screwdriver.
  3. Next we need a sucker. Only with its help you can carefully remove the front panel. Attach it to the screen, literally half a centimeter above the button «Home». So we avoid possible damage to the display. Now you need to check, is it strong “is sitting” sucker. If hard, then you should slowly pull it up, second hand holding the smartphone itself. A small gap appears below.
  4. You need to insert a plastic tool into this gap – something very similar to a plasticine knife. Continue to pull the suction cup away and slowly separate the panels from each other.
  5. We have already successfully coped with half the task. Now gently disconnect the panel. Just do not rush, it is secured with retainers – they will need to disconnect. Slightly raise the panel, then slowly rotate it 90 degrees from the bottom.
  6. so, the body we turned down – next you have to unscrew three more bolts, near the battery. The largest has a diameter of 1,6mm, whereas the other two – 1,2mm.
  7. If before that you did everything reverently, now you need to be even more careful! Disconnect the cable shown in the screenshot from the panel. It is connected to the front camera and display, so if they won’t work after picking the iPhone – the problem is in him. And only now you can detach the panel completely, so that it does not interfere with you.
  8. so, almost all bolts loosened, now you must remove the holder. It is located on the right side of the battery (bolt, marked red, do not touch). Take a screwdriver in your hands and slowly pry it. Next you need to remove the battery contacts.
  9. Then pry the battery itself in that place, where it is shown in the screenshot, to harm nothing.
  10. It remains to install in its place a new – doing the whole procedure in the reverse order.

Basically, too difficult to change the battery on the 5th iPhone can not be called. Rather, he demands scruples and accuracy, otherwise it will be possible to lose the full performance of the gadget.