How to change and reset folder display options in Mac OS X

Experienced makovodi know, That each folder in OS X has its own display options (file sorting order, display mode, icon size, text, background colors and more). In this article we will talk about setting up and bringing all these parameters to the default mode.

You can view and make adjustments to the folder view settings in the Finder by going to the View menu → Show view options or by pressing the keyboard shortcut + J (⌘ + J).

But there is a basic set of rules for all folders, so to say the default settings, which can be seen after a clean installation of the operating system and in the complete absence of making user adjustments.

To apply folder settings to all folders — just enter the menu «View Options» (⌘ + J) and at the bottom of the window, press a single button «Use as standard».

This style will be taken by the operating system as a baseline, even when creating new folders.

And if you hold down the key ⌥Option (Alt), then instead of a button «Use as standard» will be displayed «Restore standard», thanks to which all settings of system folders will be reset.

There is an alternative way to reset folder design settings in OS X. To do this, open the Terminal (Finder → Programs → Utilities or through Spotlight search (Control + Space)), insert the following command and press return (Enter):

find ./ -name «.DS_Store» -depth -exec rm {} ;

Thanks to this command, the operating system will find all the files .DS_Store (responsible for the design of folders) and remove them.