How to add a delimiter to the Dock on macOS to separate groups of thematic applications

Do you want to organize the Dock panel on your Mac? — eg, separate office applications from, eg, messengers?

It makes sense to do this not only logically (placing the icons nearby), but also visually — separating them from other applications free space. How to do it? Will tell.

1. Open the Terminal application on your computer. Find it at Launchpad → Other → Terminal or through a search query in Spotlight.

2. Enter the following command, then press Enter:

defaults write persistent-apps -array-add '{tile-data={}; tile-type="spacer-tile";}'

3. Enter another command, then press Enter again:

killall Dock

If done correctly, in 2-3 seconds the Dock panel will disappear for a while. After her return, you will see empty space in the Dock. You can drag it to any place convenient for you.

Need not one, and several separators at once? Before, how to proceed to step 3, repeat step 2 how many times, how much do you want to get «gaps».

To remove the delimiter, just click on the empty space and click Remove from Dock. Alternative option — «pull» desktop divider beyond the Dock, and then let go.

Now you know a great way to organize application icons on your Dock with a minimum of effort. A few more helpful tips for working with macOS are listed below.