How on iPhone to block all calls from unknown and hidden numbers

If you do not want to answer calls of certain subscribers, you can block their phone numbers in your contact list on the iPhone (detailed work instructions «Blacklist on iPhone»).

However, it would be great to go even further and block calls from all unknown subscribers and those, whose number cannot be identified.

Usually, callers from numbers «No caller ID» or «Unknown» – these are robots (of course, there are exceptions), marketing staff, trying to sell you something, and t.P., so getting rid of their annoying calls would be quite nice.

Below we will tell you, how to block all unknown and undetectable numbers on iPhone.

Keep in mind, that this method should not be used, if your relatives often call from someone else’s numbers.

ATTENTION!!! Taking advantage of it, you will receive calls only from subscribers from the contact list, so you risk missing an important call.

How to block all calls from unknown and undetectable on iPhone (hidden) like «No caller ID» or «Unknown» numbers

This method is not a standard blocking of subscribers on the iPhone, and ingenious use of the mode «Do not disturb» and contact list. so, how it works:

  • Open on your iPhone app «Settings» and select a function «Do not disturb».
  • Slide the switch against the option «Do not disturb» in position «Enabled».
  • On the screen in the status bar (where is the clock) a crescent moon will appear, after which the device will make absolutely no sounds.
  • Press on «Call admission», and you will have two options. Select «From favorites», if you want to receive calls only from your favorite contacts. This option is suitable for users, who added to «Favorites» (instructions for adding) numbers of all friends and family members (don’t forget to add the right contacts to your Favorites) and never receive calls from other numbers.
  • Select an option «All contacts» or group of contacts (how to create a group of contacts on the iPhone, we told here and here), then you will receive calls from all subscribers from the contact list. However those, who has not been added to your address book, can not get through.

Before using this method, think carefully, would you call someone on an important issue from the number, unlisted. If you are sure about your decision, boldly close «Settings» and enjoy the silence. Whereas those who call you will always have «busy».

When is it best to use this feature??

Function «Do not disturb» activates a completely silent mode on the iPhone and mutes not only calls, but also notifications. It is best to adjust the clock, when it will be activated automatically. for example, iPhone will go into silent mode every night at a certain time, and then every morning again to return to normal. Of course, you can configure the function this way, to keep your smartphone silent around the clock.

Also recommended in mode «Do not disturb» enable repeat calls. If someone calls twice within three minutes, the call will not be silenced. Users, who have no contact list or «Favorites», do not use the method described above, otherwise they will never receive calls from anyone.