How much traffic does FaceTime consume on iPhone during audio and video calls?

FaceTime – great video chat, available for iPhone owners, iPad, iPod touch and Mac OS X.

The application allows users to easily communicate with each other, however, remember, that this video call technology can consume a lot of traffic during continuous broadcast and video download.

When connecting via Wi-Fi, the problem is not so significant, but for users of mobile internet, a FaceTime video call can be expensive fun.

IOS functionality provides the ability to track the amount of traffic, used when making a video call or during an audio chat.

How to check the amount of traffic consumed when making an audio or video call in FaceTime

  1. Open the app on iPhone, Choose a section «Recent», and then the tab «Everything»;
  2. In the list of recent calls, select a contact and call FaceTime, for which you need to check the amount of traffic used. Click on the info button (i), located next to the contact;
  3. The screen displays an information panel with details about the date and time of calls to FaceTime, including the duration of the conversation and the amount of data used.

New iPhone Models, equipped with advanced front and main cameras, allow you to make HD video calls, what, undoubtedly, affects the amount of traffic.

A FaceTime 1-minute video call consumes about 20 MB of traffic, respectively for 30 minutes – about 600 MB.

A 1-minute FaceTime audio call consumes about 1 MB of traffic. Hence the conclusion, what to call, at which the image of the subscriber is not necessary to see, It is more profitable to use the service FaceTime Audio.

How to use voice calls FaceTime Audio, we described in detail in this article.

Information about the volume of consumed traffic can be very useful for users of mobile Internet, since working with facetime has a significant impact on costs. If desired, users can disable the use of the mobile Internet by the application in the smartphone settings (Settings —> Cellular communication and turn off the item Cellular Data).