How much money each year goes to recharge the iPhone, iPad, Mac, TV and car Tesla

When it comes to the release of a new smartphone, tablet or laptop, all consumers are most often interested in the cost of devices. A rare owner of modern gadgets thinks about, how much does their service cost.

Most users almost daily recharge their devices. How much is spent electricity to replenish the charge of gadgets? According to Forbes, for a daily charge of the iPad throughout the year will require 12 kW of energy, which ultimately results in $1,50 per year.

IPhone 5 Smartphone/5s with a battery capacity of 1,440 mAh will consume 2 kW per year, therefore, daily charge will be much cheaper and will be approximately $0,25 per year. New gadgets are equipped with more capacious batteries and, respectively, consume slightly more electricity, however, it does not significantly affect costs.

Below are the indicators of other electronics and home appliances:

  • A laptop: A typical laptop consumes about 72 kW of electricity per year, what will cost $8.
  • Desktop computer: On average, a desktop computer with a wireless modem and router charges 390 kW of energy per year. In financial terms, this will be $46.
  • Plasma TV: Regular plasma consumes 345 kW of electricity for twelve months, which equals $45.
  • LED TVs: Compared with plasma TVs, these devices are less energy consuming and will cost $20 per year.
  • Xbox One: Game consoles are extremely popular household items. When using the console daily for several hours, the annual charge will be approximately $40.
  • Tesla: Usually car owners spend order $2,2 thousand. per year on fuel, but the daily charging of the Tesla electric vehicle will be much cheaper — $450 per year.

By the way, the cost of charging the iPhone and iPad can be reduced to zero, if you charge a gadget at work or in a public place.