How many iPhones, iPads and computers can be tied to an Apple ID: where to look, how to remove extra devices

ITunes on Mac and PC allows you to view a list of devices that are associated with an Apple ID, as well as remove devices, which are no longer needed.

When devices are attached to an Apple ID

IPhone devices, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, computers running Windows, as well as Android smartphones are automatically attached to Apple ID, when the owner uses certain functions.

  • Apple ID was used to authorize Apple Music;
  • On iphone, iPad and iPod touch music has been downloaded using the program Music;
  • ICloud Media Library was enabled;
  • From iTunes Store Stores, The App Store and iBooks Store have loaded previous purchases;
  • Feature has been enabled «Automatic downloads»;
  • Feature has been enabled «Family Access»;
  • ITunes Match Subscribed.

After that, the device can download and play music (Apple Music), films, TV shows and other content, purchased on the iTunes Store. Besides, connected devices allow you to activate the function «Automatic downloads» (when new purchases are automatically installed on all Apple ID devices).

How many and what devices can be tied to Apple ID

No more than 10 devices can be associated with an Apple ID (Mac computers, Windows, as well as devices based on Android and iOS) at the same time, of which only 5 can be computers.

List of devices, related in iTunes, does not necessarily match the list of devices, in which the user is logged in using Apple ID. This list can be viewed on the Apple ID account page.

Why remove associated devices

Device IDs bound to Apple are deleted in the following cases:

  • You must add a new device, however, the limit on the number of connected devices has already been reached;
  • Cannot download previous purchases from iTunes Store (unable to log in to your Apple Music account);
  • The related device is going to sell or donate.

How to view and delete related devices on Mac and PC

Go to page «Account Information» and follow the link «View my account» for, to open iTunes automatically and log in. Besides, user can do the following:

  1. Open iTunes;
  2. Log in with Apple ID;
  3. Choose «Account» → «View my account» in the menu bar or the iTunes window;
  4. Enter the password and click «View»;
  5. Thereafter, you must scroll to the section «iTunes in the cloud» and choose «Device management». Section will not appear, if no device is attached to the Apple ID.

How to view related devices

Select «Device management» for, to view information about each associated device. To the right of the devices will be the date of their binding to the Apple ID. Besides, this page will contain information about, how many days are left to the moment, when the device can be tied to another Apple ID.

When, if the device is not listed, You can try to connect it with Apple ID.

How to remove related devices

Select «Device management», and then the button «Delete», located to the right of the devices. Must remember, what up to the moment, when the device can be associated with the new Apple ID, may take up to 90 days.

When, if the button «Delete» near the device is inactive, the user needs to log out of the iTunes Store account on this device and try again.

How to remove related devices on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

In iphone, iPad and iPod touch do not have a function to view a list of related devices, however they can be removed without using a computer. For this you need:

  1. Choose on iphone, iPad and iPod touch «Settings» → [Username] → «iTunes Store and App Store»;
  2. Choose your Apple ID;
  3. Choose «View Apple ID» and if necessary, enter the password;
  4. Scroll the screen to the section «iTunes in the cloud» and press «Remove this device».

Tying Android devices

Android smartphones cannot view or delete related devices. At the same time, the smartphone itself is included in the limit on the number of attached devices.

«Device already associated with Apple ID. The device can be associated with another Apple ID via […] day.».

This message appears when you try to associate a device with another Apple ID. In this case, the wait can take up to 90 days.