How important is the number of megapixels in the camera of the smartphone

Manufacturers of flagship devices in the old manner build a description of new products around this indicator, however, it grows year by year more and more slowly, as opposed to an extensive list of additional options. And it is reasonable, because the more pixels, the wider the range of potential problems for a typical user.

Every megapixel – This is a solid amount of information, in need of processing, storage space, transfer facilities and t.d. When watching HD video, our eyes should perceive approximately 2 million individual objects, And if you sit at the display with 4K support, their number will be over 8 million. Such a data breach is objectively required only in those cases, when you need to meticulously display all the details of a complex image. for example, photo for level magazine «National Geographic» – 10 MP will be enough.

If an amateur photographer picks up a camera with a matrix of several tens of megapixels, the gadget will faithfully fix in the pictures all the flaws of his work. Whether it is an excessive amount of artifacts in the inept use of lighting, turned out to be a monstrous blur due to trembling hands or unnecessary small details, which deprived of a chance to get lost against the background of the main objects. The finished image is so large, that a spontaneous photo shoot instantly fills the modest limits of free «little clouds», and for publication in social networks it has to be deliberately cut off, personally removing those megapixels. Which overnight from desired became superfluous.

Why do you need a lot of megapixels

The increase in the resolution of the camera matrix is ​​justified in those cases, when the result of her work will be presented over a wide area. Advertising poster of several square meters, print full wall boutique, printout of the character’s figure in full growth. Difference, what’s with the small iphone display, that with a rather spacious 27-inch iMac screen, equally colossal. But more importantly, that ordinary, the average smartphone owner runs the risk of facing a similar task well if once or twice in his entire active life. And the troubles with the lack of space in memory and traffic overrun are familiar and relevant to all.

You still want an iPhone with a 20-megapixel camera?

Below are photos, taken from the Apple site, iPhone 6s camera features, Naturally in the presence of beautiful places and competent use.